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The VSB Unfinished Quilt

The VSB Unfinished Quilt

From a very, very young age...I remember being enamored with "old" things.  Quilts were my first "love"!!! I remember as a young kid being the one ...
Love of Vintage

Love of Vintage

Wow where to fascination and hoarding…I mean, collecting of all things, Vintage Western, Vintage Mexican and Vintage Native American be...
Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

Late Summer of 2014 we decided to make Our Dreams a Reality...My talented sister mocked up The Birds of a Feather slouch shirt...and after tha...


These girls are awesome !!! If you haven't visited Vintage Soul Barn, you missing out.

Russ Rockwood Rojas

Found out about Vintage Soul Barn today at Ft. Worth Vintage Market Days. Can't wait to wear my "Soul" shirt :)

Mary Rowland Barnett

Great people and products. I want to live in my Soul shirt, so soft and cute.

Jacklyn Jacobs

Awesome piece. Fast shipping, and just as described. Thank you so much!!!


Loved that we got to meet y'all today! I can't wait to wear my new shirts!

Vicky Gonzales