Love of Vintage

Wow where to fascination and hoarding…I mean, collecting of all things, Vintage Western, Vintage Mexican and Vintage Native American began roughly 30 years ago. The girls basically grew up with me trying to reach the pinnacle of satisfying this obsession that I somehow had obtained probably from my mom. I always say you can never have enough tooled leather, turquoise or Mexican pottery! I love vintage Mexican serapes, vintage Navajo rugs and all things vintage Texas including Vintage cowboy boots.

Through the years I have made maybe some bad decisions or purchases on some things but for me if it is something I love and can envision in my home or on my body, I say it's not a bad decision. I have collected most of my Native American jewelry from the same sweet lady for roughly 20 years. She has taught me so much about Native American jewelry and we have formed a friendship that I will always cherish. 

For anyone looking to start a collection of anything Vintage, I would say find something that you are passionate about and never pass up an opportunity to learn from someone that has your same obsession and will one day be the person with all the knowledge and you will one day be that person that others are listening and learning from!

Stay soulful out there and remember there is always one more tooled leather bag that you just really "need".... Yaya