The VSB Unfinished Quilt

From a very, very young age...I remember being enamored with "old" things. 

Quilts were my first "love"!!! I remember as a young kid being the one kid that would fight over the old vintage quilt at my Mema's house. It was like quilts held a story to me and it was something that was always going to be a part of that old raggedy fabric. I would go "junking" with my Mom and the first things that would catch my eye were the textiles. I fell in love with the fabrics, the textures, the details the artistry that each one has. As I grew older I loved the smell that the quilts took on. They always reminded me of being safe and warm in a home that held love and laughter. To this day I travel with an old quilt of my Mema's. It goes to baseball games, to the drive in movies, to the hospital to welcome a new baby or to comfort me or one of my babies in our times of's a blanket that holds so many cures. 

As we began our journey with Vintage Soul Barn we all decided that the vintage fabrics that we held so dear, would be shared with each and every one of our customers. Our packaging consists of pieces torn from our old textiles. We hope to bring a little bit of love into each of our customers hearts as they open up their unique items at home and as they start to go about their lives our tattered and worn fabric could some how take on a new life in their own homes. 

My life is like an unfinished quilt, each day a new square pieced together--Tied with the joys and tears of life, Bound with love forever. The pattern is sewn, uniquely mine--With each stitch I fulfill my dreams. Tattered and worn from a life full of trials, be strong as life pulls at the seams.

The Unfinished Quilt {Unknown}