Our Journey

Welcome to Our Ride…Our journey began many years ago as we have always enjoyed the excitement of junking, antiquing and shopping. Now don’t get us wrong, we love “Retail Therapy” just like the rest of you, but we find our main passion is seeking out the items that are hard to find. Our Posse is composed of my Mom (Shirley Relien) and my identical twin sister (Mandy Blankenship) and myself (Samantha West).

We started as a traveling boutique with eclectic style. Our first "show" experience was with Vintage Market Days South Central TX, where we winged our first booth setup in a horse arena in Alvarado, TX (Fall of 2014). From there we were hooked. With growing families and full-time jobs my sister and I started to feel the stress of trying to juggle it all. So by the following Fall in 2015 after much trials and tribulations we all had bid farewell to our 9-5 jobs and fully embraced Life at The Barn, as we call it. We opened our storefront in June of 2017 and though we miss the show experience we are loving the one location and being fully engaged in our community.

Vintage Soul Barn came to life one day over the phone when we all knew that we wanted to use Vintage Soul, but felt like we needed to give our Vintage Souls a place to live, and we thought, “well, if we could give our Souls a home, it quite possibly would be in a barn.” Which also happens to be what my Mom lives in. She converted a horse barn into her home a couple years’ prior which all came full circle to help us name our new chapter.

Thank you for joining Our Journey and remember to always #staysoulful